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Suite of Services

Legendary Fundraiser

S.O.S Legendry Fundraiser

This service is designed for schools and other youth-focused organizations enabling them to fill the void when funding is in short supply. Fundraising campaigns may last two to three weeks and all school staff, students, families, friends, and stakeholders are welcome to pitch in.  The fundraiser culminates with a day or two of celebrations that may include sports challenges, dance, and sports gamer contests, food vendors, music, local business and community participation, and sponsorships, and ends with the ever popular Color Run.

After School Legends


Provides low-cost after-school sports, health, and wellness programming. It is designed and intended to be the perfect program to follow and complement the Legendary Fundraiser.  Students will be able to participate in the same sports challenges from the Legendary Action Park after school on a weekly basis (outdoor activities including flag football, soccer, basketball, and baseball).  The health and wellness programming will help the entire family learn and understand how small changes in their daily routine and diet can positively impact their health.  Possible healthy outcomes will include but not be limited to; better grades for the students and increased family bonding.

legendary saturday


We exist to serve our clients, children, families, and communities in Miami-Dade County. Legendary Saturdays is our community focused Suite of Service. It is a free community event with sports and skills challenges. Ideally, Legendary Saturdays will be hosted by schools or other youth focused groups that already have had a fundraiser with us. All members of the community are welcome to participate. Free events have great potential to draw large crowds. Legendary Saturdays create multiple opportunities:  Communities are strengthened by coming together to experience our unique programming with an emphasis on being healthy and active. This event provides a venue for community partners, vendors, related service providers, and stakeholders to collaborate and engage with residents and other members of the community.

Upcoming events

Sports Performance Training camp


These camps will serve lower-income families and give them the opportunity to have their children learn from college coaches and scouts.  Providing access to high level coaching and training could have a tremendous impact on the student athletes' potential scholastic and athletic endeavors in the future. Participants will have an online profile(part of our free club membership) that will track their progression and host their highlights.  They can then share their statistics, highlights, or other portions of their profile with coaches, schools, friends, and others whenever they choose.  Our camps are the perfect fit for athletes with collegiate and professional aspirations as well as for athletes who simply enjoy pushing themselves to the limit of their abilities.  Either way, they will find a place in one of our Legends Sports Performance Training Camps.  

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