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Our Mission & Equity


To encourage as many families as possible to make our sports fitness suite of services a part of their everyday life


The majority of parents in this county are not able to afford all the costs associated with youth sports activities for their child(ren). This inequity should be a matter of great concern.  Participation in physical activity is vital to development throughout all stages of life. Yet the majority of our youth are at-risk of being underserved or left out of the wellness and enrichment benefits derived from sports related activities.


Legends Sports Fitness Club is committed to leveling the playing field by making sports fitness activities accessible to more families regardless of their income level. LSFC accepts the challenge of providing sports fitness and wellness services to as many Miami-Dade County youths as possible with a special emphasis on the majority of families that are currently priced out of the youth sports industry.

Meet our Team

Meet our Team
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