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Kids Running

Youth & Sports Activities Program:

Activities serve student participants on campus following the regular school day. It aims to have a positive impact on the student's overall health, ​boosts self-confidence, relieve stress, and encourage sportsmanship and teamwork. We will challenge student participants to be Legends on the playing field, in the classroom, and in their community. Our main goal for students is to be introduced to sports and fitness by doing fun, energetic, basic drills and other fun challenges.


  • Basketball

  • Futbol / Soccer

  • Flag Football

  • Volleyball

  • Baseball / Softball


(Every Person Is Creative) Program

Is our after school creative and performing arts service. It aims to help participants to develop a positive mindset and a vision for success. Activities include poetry, jewelry making, dance (majorette, ballet, modern dance, jazz, and hip hop ), DJ classes, talent show production, and sketch art.

Educational Gardening


After School Gardening Club

A school garden can have a direct and immediate positive impact on a child's diet. It can provide fruit and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals, add nutritional value to school meals, add variety to food options that are so important for health and growth, and help children to appreciate and enjoy a variety of garden grown foods.

the following is a list of some of the suggested potential benefits of gardening:

  • Helps fight disease.

  • Builds strength.

  • Improves memory.

  • Boosts mood.

  • Reduces stress.

  • Helps addiction recovery.

  • Fosters human connections.

  • Heals and empowers

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